Item Related Noise Assessment and Noise Modelling

Alkranel LCC has made different noise surveys, noise assessment, noise modelling and given advice in that field since 2003. Before 2007 we made noise assessment and noise modeling, using different software and analogy. 2007 we obtain SoundPLAN license. SoundPLAN is a complete software package offering a full spectrum of noise pollution evaluation modules, with quick and accurate calculation and impressive graphics. Our personnel are trained to use SoundPLAN. Most of our projects are listed in Estonian rubric (follow the link).

Projects (38)

  • Client: Rae Vallavalitsus

    School of Järveküla – evaluation of noise

  • Client: Heat Consult OÜ

    Noise Modelling of industrial area

  • Client: Romet Neemse

    Noise and Dust Modelling of Himmaste quarry

  • Client: Kalsep OÜ

    Noise Modelling of industrial area

  • Client: Kaitseministeerium

    Central training area of Estonian defence forces – noise modelling

  • Client: Rae Vallavalitsus

    Noise Modelling of Saare real estate

  • Client: Varbla Puhkeküla AS

    Noise and Dust Modelling of Ännikse quarry

  • Client: Tartu Arhidektuuribüroo OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Tamme st 2 real estate

  • Client: Lubja Invest OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Jaama 5 real estate

  • Client: UPM-Kymmene Otepää AS

    Noise Modelling of plywood plant

  • Client: Kunda Nordic Tsement AS

    Noise and Ambient Air Pollution Survey and Risk Management

  • Client: ERA Liising Grupp OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Kergu 4 real estate

  • Client: Transporditehnika OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Puukoja real estate

  • Client: Aluvere Ring MTÜ

    Noise Modelling of Roodevälja motor-cycle races

  • Client: Eesti Geoloogiakeskus OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Jaani quarry

  • Client: Saue Vallavalitsus

    Noise Modelling of motor-cycle races

  • Client: Insidecom Consulting OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Haavamäe Detailed plan

  • Client: Eesti Geoloogiakeskus OÜ

    Noise and Dust Modelling of Pombre quarry

  • Client: Eesti Geoloogiakeskus OÜ

    Noise and Dust Modelling of Helmi-Aakre mineral deposit

  • Client: EG Võrguteenus AS

    Noise Modelling – Karksi gas terminal

  • Client: Toner-Projekt OÜ

    Noise Modelling – Tartu east circuit

  • Client: Grand Haldus OÜ

    Noise Modelling – Pärnu mnt 113 ning Rapla tn 1 ja 3 – Tallinn

  • Client: Kunda Nordic Tsement AS

    Noise Modelling of Toolse-Lääne limestone quarry

  • Client: Maru Ehitus AS

    Noise Modelling – industrial estate

  • Client: Kiirkandur AS

    Noise Modelling of Palupera mineral deposit – Miti

  • Client: Lõuna-Eesti Karjäärid OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Kobratu mineral deposit – Kobratu IV

  • Client: Pärnamäed OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Reiva (84801:001:1655) real estate

  • Client: Sandpit OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Jaakna mineral deposit – Jaakna III

  • Client: Sandpit OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Siimusti (Jõgeva) mineral deposit – Siimusti III

  • Client: PM Kaubandusgrupp OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Nogopalu mineral deposit – Nogopalu V

  • Client: Nikamol OÜ

    Noise Modelling of Rööpa IA (44603:002:0126) real estate

  • Client: TREF AS

    Noise Modelling of Kukemetsa mineral deposit – Kukemetsa and Kukemetsa IV

  • Client: Andy Viljandi OÜ

    Noise and Air Pollution Modelling and vibration measuring – Tehnika tn 91

  • Client: Lääne-Tallinna Keskhaigla AS

    Noise Modelling of Sõle 16

  • Client: Kiirkandur AS

    Enviromental judgment of Tatramäe gravel pit

  • Client: Allianss Arhitektid OÜ

    Noise Modelling – Rävala pst 5/Kuke 4

  • Client: Set Point OÜ

    Noise pollution modelling and expert estimation of architectural drawings (environmental aspects)

  • Client: Tartu Linnavalitsuse linnamajanduse osakond

    Environmental impact assessment of the construction of the Vabaduse bridge in Tartu